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Greetings Birth Mamas!

My name is Sabrina Foulks-Thomas and I am so excited that you are interested in placenta encapsulation. With the last three years of offering encapsulation, I have had the pleasure to help many women experience a postpartum recovery without a range of uncontrollable emotions. I have continued to research the healing powers of the placenta and completed my placenta encapsulation training through PBI, now a Placenta Encapsulation Specialist!

I did not experience the benefits of encapsulation for myself; I was completely unaware that such an amazing opportunity was available when I gave birth to my daughter (Jonae’) in 2005 who has created the outward growth for all I do now. I gained interest in this process when a doula client of mine informed me of her interest of ingesting her placenta for help during her postpartum period. It was during her prenatal period that she experienced the loss of her sister and hoped that ingesting her placenta would help compensate for some postpartum emotions that may arise. It was through providing encapsulation to her and witnessing how it genuinely helped that it became a service that I began offering to all my clients.

My philosophy and entire body of work is focused around prenatal and postpartum care. It is important for women to think about how they can help themselves recover ahead of time during their prenatal period. I believe that women should be able to use the resources they have to empower themselves during times that their hormones are having a mind of their own and not necessarily having to rely on mediations solely.

My background and passion is completely surrounded with women’s health. I have a background in nursing; an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, birth doula, Certified Childbirth Educator and working toward completing my Midwifery practice. I envision women receiving a continuity of care. The women with whom I have had the pleasure of providing placenta encapsulation services for, in addition; I offer lactation support. I truly believe that it is important for women to have as much support surrounding their postpartum recovery to hopefully decrease the chances of feeling overwhelmed and leading to symptoms of blues. Encapsulation helps provide a balance of your hormones internally but if a mother is experiencing lactation concerns, which is “situational, not necessarily hormonal” encapsulation will not necessarily help. Therefore, all of my families have the option of receiving additional lactation follow up.

I look forward to hearing from you if you choose to inquire about information pertaining to the possibility of having your placenta encapsulated. I invite you to learn more about services I provide that you may be interested in by contacting me further.

Happy Birthing!!

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Milwaukee and surrounding areas: Fox Point, Hubertus, Slinger, Jackson, Hartford, Germantown, Menomonee Falls, West Bend, Racine, Kenosha, Waukesha, West Allis, Kewaskum, Sussex, Mequon, Port- Washington, Grafton, Pewaukee, Oconomowoc, Burlington, Elkhorn, Madison, Franklin, Sheboygan, Appleton, Hartland, Salem, Appleton


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I cannot say enough how much the capsules truly helped me with my emotions postpartum. Sabrina  was very informative about the benefits of the capsules, when to take them and how many based upon the amount you received. She also did a follow up with me just to make sure things were going well. It was like a night and day difference postpartum from my first baby to this one. Thank you so much Sabrina!!!! ~Sonna 2010

"I highly recommend placenta encapsulation.  I really believe it was a saving grace for me and made all the difference in the world after the birth of my second son. I have hypothyroidism and after the birth of my first son, I did suffer from unstable thyroid hormones and postpartum depression.  This time, we made sure to adjust my thyroid right away and add the placenta capsules. I was actually feeling happy in the first weeks and was overjoyed to have feelings of falling in love with my baby right away!  I could not believe how "normal" I felt.

Sabrina was great, super fast and available for questions or just to check in.  I think all new moms should take their placentas!" ~Kristin McCarty, 2010

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