Southeast WI Milk Share

Southeast Milk Share (SMS) is an all-volunteer collaboration that facilitates milk sharing in nine counties in southeast Wisconsin.  Their mission is to provide free and safe milk for all infants in Southeast Wisconsin by supporting and coordinating the sharing of breastmilk from one family to another.  Milk is available on a first-come, first-served basis, and infants younger than 6 months are prioritized. Supply always depends upon availability

Milk donations are always needed! Help spread the word by telling those with a surplus to contact SMS today for a screening. 

All donors are screened for a panel of blood tests recommended by the Human Milk Banking Alliance of North America. Donors also complete and sign a written health history and interview assessment with a licensed midwife.  Instructions in home pasteurization are available to each recipient.

If you would like more information on how to donate or receive breastmilk or are interested in supporting Southeast Milk Share’s cause visit their website or contact them at

Columbia St. Mary’s Mother’s Milk Depot-Breast Milk Donation

A place where women can donate their extra breast milk for babies who need it. Breast milk is especially important for babies in the Newborn Intensive Care Units because it can reduce complications and length-of-stay.

Each donor is required to be screened and have a blood test to assure they are not at risk for communicable diseases or on medications that would be dangerous to infants. The screening takes two to three weeks, and the cost is covered by the Milk Depot. After successful screening, women are able to donate their extra breast milk which is then pasteurized and distributed to NICUs in need.

Interested in donating milk? Call Lactation Services at 414-585-1440.

Eats on Feets Wisconsin

A local resource for community based breastmilk sharing.  More information here

Human Milk 4 Human Babies Wisconsin

A milksharing network and virtual village of Wisconsin families.  More information here.